"Little Monkeys Policies and Procedures" 

Our Payment Options


Payments can be made directly into our bank account by bank transfer, or you can pay by cash. We also accept childcare vouchers.

"Emergency and Accident Policy" 

At Little Monkeys we encourage participation from parents. We are always keen to discuss the development of your child, to respond to your concerns or simply to share the details of your child’s day.


Parents need to know as much about their child’s day at nursery as possible. We endeavor to inform parents of their child’s activities and achievements as much as possible at the start and close of the day and through daily report sheets and verbal hand-overs. The daily reports are a record of your child’s activities during their day, their feeding, sleeping and nappy change pattern.


We aim to provide a service of the highest quality in all aspects of our work. We are happy to receive views and comments from parents about our provision, so that the service may be improved if necessary.