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Half Day 

A half day at Little Monkeys includes a meal, snacks, drinks, nappies and creams. 


During our half day sessions we incorporate play and activities which aid your childs personal developement.


Price: £25.63



We believe that young children learn best

through play, so we plan activities that are

both educational and enjoyable.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage

guidance closely and aim to give the 

children entrusted to us a clear advantage 

by the time they start school, with an

emphasis on having fun. By skilfully mixing

education and enjoyment into each activity we can

lay a firm foundation for a life-long love of learning.


We put children at the centre of our daily activities and routines. We understand how the security of daily routines helps children to feel safe and secure, which enables them to grow, learn and develop with confidence.




Communication, language and literacy:


Children have access to books, and materials for mark-making at all times throughout the day. Children are actively encouraged to develop early language and literacy skills in whatever areas they show an interest.


Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy:


Children have access to equipment for sand, construction and water play, which helps them learn important mathematical concepts about shape and space, problem solving, sorting, matching, ordering and sequencing, and patterns and numbers in a very relaxed and fun way. We sing number songs, practise number recognition and talk about numbers.


Knowledge and understanding of the world:


We use various activities for learning, such as going to our garden area to observe the environment, including bugs and wildlife, talking about ourselves and our families, and identifying similarities, differences and change.


Creative development and exploring media and materials:


The children have daily access to craft materials as well as art activities


Physical development:


At Little Monkeys we recognize the importance of physical play, both indoor and outdoor. We have a range of equipment for outside play and indoors we have role-play toys, construction equipment and threading activities.


Personal, social and emotional development:


We encourage children to develop their self-esteem and build confidence by creating an environment where they feel safe and secure.


Children are encouraged to become independent whilst being considerate of others. We help them learn about the importance of relationships, and how to respect themselves and others so that they develop a positive self-image.


Before School and/or After School

Our day starts at 7am onwards with breakfast, which includes the following:

+ A choice of cereal 

+ Toast 
+ Fruit selection
+ Drinks


After breakfast we walk with the children to Hermitage Primary school. 


After school we are ready and waiting for your children at the school gates. We then provide them with the following:


+ A light snack

+ Fruit selection
+ Drinks

Price: £12.30 for both before and after school care
Price: £15.38 with hot evening meal

*£7.18 if you only require one of these services*  

Part time 

If you only require our assistance for a few hours during the day then our hourly rate is listed below. 


Price: £8.20 per hour 

Full Day

A full day at Little Monkeys includes meals, snacks, drinks, nappies and creams. 


During our full day sessions we incorporate play and activities which aid your childs personal developement.



Price: £35.88